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White Zinfandel #6

White Zinfandel #6


228 x 230 mm, 296 pages. New York, USA

On the Journal:
‘Food and drink magazines come in many different guises but perhaps none stretch the form or come up with such surprising directions as New York’s White Zinfandel.

The 294-page, large format magazine makes a formidable first impression. Other magazines may be turning away from the exaggerated physical magaziney-ness of the indie world, but this one still relishes the tactile. Throughout the issue the paper is a beautiful off-white and superthin, with the resulting see-through from the back of the pages used to positive effect.

Then there’s the cover, covered in a thick coating of metallic gold ink like that used on lottery scratchcards. I think it actually scrapes off, but I didn’t want to try. It’s like Guy Debord’s book covered in sandpaper, except by using it you will damage the magazine itself, not other mags. The magazine name and circle in the middle reveal a collage of lottery cards beneath the gold; the page edges are finished in gold too.’ 

From Magazine of the week, 9 November 2016.