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White Fungus #16

White Fungus #16


210 x 280 mm, 228 pages. Taiwan (English-language)

Starting life in 2004 as a photocopied protest zine out of Wellington, White Fungus has since uprooted to Taiwan and evolved into an international arts publication. Each cover of the magazine is derived from a scan of a can of "white fungus", a commercially produced pulped beverage from Taichung City.

On the Journal:
‘White fungus is a local delicacy with medicinal properties. Often eaten as a desert, it’s said to be good for your skin. Mark found the can in a supermarket a couple blocks from our home in Taichung City in 2003. Immediately we knew we had something on our hands that was going to be part of our nascent creative project, but we had no idea how at the time…’ READ MORE.

Editor-in-chief: Ron Hanson
Art director: Mark Hanson