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Where is the Cool #2

Where is the Cool #2


220 x 310 mm, 84 pages. Saint-Denis, France (English-language)

‘Good question. Let this pretentious magazine give you the answer’ — their words, not ours.

There are in fact many answers, ranging from ‘Under your pants with Parachute boxer shorts’ to ‘In the Suzuki Carry’ and ‘At barely reachable depths, with the Omega Seamster Ploprof 600.’ Although the majority of WITC's pithy responses concern luxury goods and consumer durables, not everything has an aspirational brand attached: Where is the cool? Why, in ‘The colourful world of pigeon racing,’ of course.

On the Journal:
‘French creative director Laurent Laporte selects a series of people, items, events and trends he and his contributors deems cool. The result is an entertaining mix of the desperately-wants-to-be-cool, the so-uncool-it-may-possibly-be-cool and the effortlessly-timeless-genuinely-cool.’ READ MORE

Editor-in-chief and Creative director: Laurent Laporte