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What Monster #1: Friday the 13th

What Monster #1: Friday the 13th


146 x 210 mm folded, 440 x 640 mm unfolded. 2 pages. London, UK

…one hundred facts, rumours, and fan theories about classic horror movies. Published four times a year, each issue is devoted to one movie…

This issue: Friday the 13th, 1980.

Editor/designer: Steven Gregor

On the Journal:
When Steven Gregor stopped publishing Gym Class Magazine (the magazine about magazines) last year, he hinted at a new project to come. That new magazine is still in the works, but to keep his hand in he’s just launchedWhat Monster, a zine devoted to horror films. Each issue will be dedicated to a single movie, and the first one devotes itself to 1980 cult classic Friday the 13th, released just in time for today, Friday 13 October.’ Read more of our review.