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The White Review #27

The White Review #27


184 x 259 mm, 198 pages. London, UK

Described by Hans Ulrich Obrist as "one of the best magazines in Europe," and by the Paris Review as "alarmingly elegant," since its launch in 2011 The White Review has been quick to establish itself as a significant and much-loved new character on the art/lit journal stage.

On the Journal:
‘We like to work closely with writers and we edit collaboratively – a piece is often read and edited by at least four people (including our Online editor Cecilia Tricker and Assistant editor Joely Day). We never rush a piece. If it’s not ready, we’ll just wait for the next issue. It’s fun approaching a writer with an idea or giving a writer the opportunity and space to try something out. It’s equally thrilling to publish something we’ve found in the slush pile – it’s important to us to always be publishing new writers as well as finding interesting and unusual ways to work with established ones.’   READ MORE

This front cover by Samara Scott.

Editors:  Zeljka Marosevic & Francesca Wade
Art direction and design: Thomas Swann