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The Skirt Chronicles #7


152 x 218 mm, 161 pages. Paris, France (English-language)

From this issue: 'We all know where we’ve been: in a desert full of desserts. Volume VII was made remotely, in between protests, zoom calls, and spilled tears. Sit down with us as we reflect on our world suddenly filled with absence, one giant Dali-esque melting clock, and see whether or not we will mention the day the world broke.'

Editors-in-chief: Sofia Nebiolo & Haydée Touitou
Art director & Fashion editor: Sarah de Mavaleix

On the Journal:
‘The latest edition of The Skirt Chronicles consolidates the Paris-based magazine’s unique position as ‘a magazine without rules.’ Addressing the theme ‘happy satisfaction and enjoyment,’ what other magazine might so coolly bring together these five stories?’ READ MORE