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The Plant #11, Aloe Vera

The Plant #11, Aloe Vera


200 x 270 mm, 176 pages. London & Barcelona (English-language)

Tagline: A curious observer of ordinary plants and other greenery

In this issue:

  • The Map is not the Territory, an exploration of the land of the Mexico – US border
  • The Tree shelter, by Hans Ulrich Obrist
  • Plants and Plate Tectonics
  • Fervent Manifesto
  • Nose, Barnabé Fillion
  • Sun, Sea, Algae
  • Plantae Amazonicae
  • Beehives
  • The Chocolate Hills
  • William Morris's Botany, from Patterns to Politics
  • The Picklery
  • a photo essay on Japan's Tottori Oeniric Dunes
  • Reading the Tarot Garden, Inside Niki de Saint Phalle's Final Masterpiece
  • Constance Spry
  • Fitzroy Park — fashion on the allotment
  • The Weaver Charmer
  • The Social Life of Orchids
  • Shade Materials
  • and a section all about the issue's titular plant: Aloe Vera

Editor in Chief: Crista Merino
Creative Direction:
Isabel Merino & Carol Montpart