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The Modern Magazine

The Modern Magazine


Jeremy Leslie, 2013. 216 x 280mm, 240 pages

‘The Modern Magazine’ presents an overview of current editorial design trends, drawing on publications from the past ten years to show how printed magazines have responded to the new digital channels.

With 750 captioned illustrations from the mainstream and independent sectors, six essays by Leslie and ten interviews with key editorial figures, the book describes how the disruption of the digital era has opened up new possibilities, forcing editors and designers to rethink their roles and their publications. It presents the case that the magazine format remains as potent and innovative as ever, and argues we are witnessing a new golden age of magazines.


  • What is a Magazine?
  • Rethinking the Magazine
  • Reinventing Genres
  • Design x Content
  • Print x Digital
  • Endurance Publishing


  • Jop van Bennekom (Fantastic Man)
  • Marissa Bourke (Elle, Elle Collections)
  • Scott Dadich (Condé Nast)
  • Francesco Franchi (design director, IL magazine)
  • Joerg Koch (032c)
  • Ralph McGinnis and Sarah Forbes Keough (Put A Egg On It)
  • Tim Moore (Letter to Jane)
  • Adam Moss (editor, New York magazine)
  • Josh Tyrangiel and Richard Turley (editor and creative director, Bloomberg Businessweek)
  • Marco Velardi (Apartamento)