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The Funambulist #32, November–December 2020

The Funambulist #32, November–December 2020


210 x 296 mm, 62 pages. Paris, France (English-language)

A bi-monthly magazine concerning the politics of space and bodies. From a spatial perspective, it covers political, anticolonial, antiracist, queer, feminist and antiableist struggles in various scales and geographies of the world. 

This issue: Pan-Africanism. Cover by Maya Mihindou.

'Pan-Africanism is an issue dedicated to a political project that “maps onto Blackness” (Denise Ferreira da Silva) between the African Continent, the Afro Diaspora, and beyond; a project that can serve as a force and a reference for all people struggling against colonialism or neocolonialism.'

Editor-in-chief: Léopald Lambert

Guest edited by: Caroline Honorien & Margarida Waco.