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The Believer #128

The Believer #128


216 x 254 mm, 166 pages. Las Vegas, United States

Since the publication of his much lauded 'A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius' in 2000, Dave Eggers' activities have extended far beyond those of most novelists. In addition to Timothy McSweeneys Quarterly Concern, and 826 National, his educational organisation (locations are hidden behind ingenious fronts: a store for pirates in San Francisco and one for superheroes in New York, for example), his monthly The Believer has taken its place as the much loved eccentric uncle in the ever-expanding literary magazine family.

Editor-in-chief: Joshua Wolf Shenk 
Art direction: Kristen Radtke

On the Journal:
The Believer was founded in San Francisco 14 years ago, part of Dave Eggers’ McSweeney’s empire. After a two-year lull, it has now moved to a new publishing home at the Black Mountain Institute at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. It reintroduces itself this August with a Believer staple, the Music Issue.’ Read more about the relaunch.