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Swim #3

Swim #3


165 x 240 mm, 234 pages. London, UK

Editor: Daniel Milroy Maher
Art Direction & Graphic Design:
Archie Nock, Samuel White

This issue is themed: Changing Mediums

Issue 03 explores how and why artists change mediums. From photographs by painters to paintings by musicians, this issue showcases work that signifies a shift in an artist’s practice. It also ventures deeper into the subject of the medium, investigating topics such as how mediums change over time, how one can be used to imitate and create another, and how the medium affects the message.

On the Journal:

Born from ‘a desire to showcase our friends’ work’, Swim does more than just that, offering a space to investigate process too. Fitting then, that page 23 (above) of Swim offers up young artist Marvin Leuvrey, who is working in a space he describes as ‘the intersection of art and technology’. The left-hand page, a block of text, holds plenty of room for Leuvrey to delve into a detailed statement about his work. The behind-the-scenes aspect of Swim is at its heart – unlike other glossy art mags, this one has clarity and accessibility built in.’ Read more of Olivia's review.