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Swim #2

Swim #2


165 x 240 mm, 148 pages. London, UK

Editor: Daniel Milroy Maher
Art Direction & Graphic Design:
Archie Nock, Samuel White

This issue is themed: Unseen

Issue 02 of SWIM celebrates all the work that gets lost during an artist’s creative process. Whether it be unfinished paintings, forgotten photographs, drafts that didn’t make the cut or rough ideas from the sketchbook, we’ve showcased it and shared the story behind it.

On the Journal:
London-based multi-disciplinary studio Filthy Pyjamas have just launched Swim, a biannual art, photography and literature magazine. Its inaugural issue (funded by Kickstarter) explores human nature, or more specifically, how we relate to one another today.

Swim strives for fluidity; it does not intend to reach any resolutions, and it has no definitive sections; you are invited to start reading anywhere. Instead of offering structure or any answers, it presents itself as a conversation: a chance to observe how others interpret human nature.’ Read more of Sarah's review.