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Special Request #2

Special Request #2


197 x 270 mm, 124 pages. London, UK

This issue sets its sights on television.


In this issue:

  • Haruki Murakami
  • Ben Loory
  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Chuck Palahniuk
  • Philip Pullman
  • Mick Jones
  • Ghostface Killah
  • Erin O'Connor
  • MTV Europe
  • Baywatch comic books 
  • Quantum Leap
  • And more!

On the Journal:
‘The issue celebrates Television. This may not seem such a unique approach when celebration is such a common position for  indie titles, but Special Request isn’t loving today’s television. ‘Remember when the only screen you looked at was your television?’ asks editior Josh Jones in his intro letter. This is a celebration of television then, when every family sat down to the same shows at the same time with no chance of watching on delay or suffering twitter spoilers. When watching TV was a core activity rather than another way of accessing more stuff.’
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