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Sirene #7

Sirene #7


238 x 320 mm, 96 pages. United Kingdom & Italy (English-language edition)

‘The ocean outside, the ocean inside’ says the tagline, in part, it's safe to assume, because the paper used in this magazine about the sea is made from algae (from algal blooms found in at risk lagoons). There's a lot of blue, a bit like a holiday.

On the Journal:
‘The ocean and the sea always fascinates, and Italian magazine Sirene does a great job of reflecting the unique mix of joy and fear large expanses of water bring. Subtitled ‘The ocean outside – the ocean inside’ the third issue starts as calmly as the first two, an ocean-blue logo and mermaid icon floating on a blank cover that draws attention to the special paper made from recycled algae. This stock is gently mottled, hinting at saltiness or sand.’ Read more of Jeremy's Magazine of the week review of a previous issue.