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Sabat #4 Elements, Autumn/Winter 2017

Sabat #4 Elements, Autumn/Winter 2017


320 x 420 mm. London, UK

Sabat is what Sabrina the teenage witch or Willow from ‘Buffy’ would read if they were young today—they’d take photos of the magazine sat next to potion bottles and upload the images onto their Instagram accounts.

On the Journal:
Sabat is a truly convincing mood piece that uses all the visual tools available to the designer to create a unique environment. It is that rare magazine, a uniquely designed and art directed object that ignores much received wisdom of editorial design and revels in the possibilities of print to make a really special publication. And vitally, it perfectly reflects its subject matter.’ Read the rest of our review of the previous issue.

Editor: Elisabeth Krohn
Art director: Cleber Rafael de Campos

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