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Rakes Progress #11

Rakes Progress #11


210 x 275 mm, 228 pages. UK

The progressive guide to gardens, plants and flowers. As well as garden-adjacent things that come about from a creative approach to the theme, interesting digressions that take you into the realms of art, fashion, food, architecture, animals, but always bring you closer to nature. A diversion from a digital world — you'll want to go get dirt under your fingernails after reading.

On the Journal:
‘In issue nine the editors lift their gaze above the garden fence for the first time, to survey the landscape. The bleak, the isolated, the verdant, the distant, the exposed, the hidden; seemingly nothing escapes the attention of this extension of the theme. A windswept Danish birdwatching sanctuary becomes a destination to admire architecture’s relationship to nature (above), as much as the birds.’ READ MORE.

Editors: Victoria Gaiger & Tom Loxley