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Plastikcomb #01

Plastikcomb #01


210 x 280 mm, 132 pages.
Germany & United States (English language)
Magazine launched in 2020

Founder/designer: Aaron Beebe

A biannual, analog art publication –– and a feast for the eyes –– proclaiming loudly, 'Digital is dead!'

"We are here to combat the horrible disease that plagues our planet. Plastikcomb pledges to fight Scrolleosis!"

On the Journal, Aaron Beebe interviewed:
‘Plastikcomb is actually a metaphor for collage. In the States, when it was picture day, you were handed a plastic comb, in which your current hairdo was styled to make you look “presentable,” and more than often you ended up looking like a completely different person. Like collage, you take an image, and make it something else, or perhaps give it a new purpose or meaning.’