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Pin-Up #27 Autumn/Winter 2019/2020

Pin-Up #27 Autumn/Winter 2019/2020


233 x 283 mm, 244 pages. New York, USA

Tagline: Magazine for architectural entertainment

The Fantasy Issue 

Editor/creative director: Felix Burrichter 

On the Journal:

'The ‘Pin-Up Desert Extra Special’ commences just over halfway through and the magazine morphs again into something different – more experimental and less concerned with remaining in rarefied architectural space. ‘Some thoughts about desertness (Dubai to Dune)’ by Shumon Basar is a creative essay on the ‘fearfully sublime and dreadfully liberating’ desert – and is a constant source of fascinating facts and illuminations from architecture (for example: architects don’t know how to make the windows of the indoor ski resort in Dubai not keep cracking under the temperature difference), to film and TV, and personal experience.' 


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