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Perdiz #10

Perdiz #10


225 x 302 mm, 132 pages. Barcelona, Spain (Spanish and English-language)

A magazine about happiness.

Perdiz has one aim and one aim only: it wholeheartedly sets out to turn all frowns upside down, and what better way to do this than with warm photography, gentle illustrations and an open-bound spine that opens up with friendly, welcoming ease? We’ve showered praise on ‘the magazine about people and the things that make them happy’ many times before, and, as it continues to impress, we’re continuing with our compliments.

Idea and direction: Marta Puigdemasa 
Art Direction + Design: Querida 

On the Journal:
As noted in our coverage of issue six, Perdiz, while focusing on positivity, has also been known to lend itself to the darker side of things. Issue nine covers a dating service for ‘preppers’ – people who are preparing for the Apocalypse, and, using bright and macabre illustrations, tells the story of a retired computer programmer who found fame by becoming a professional corpse for TV and film.’ Read more of our review of the issue and our At work with interview with editor Marta and graphic designer Marc.