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Ordinary #9

Ordinary #9


210 x 297 mm. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

All pictures, no words… this conceptual photography magazine takes an everyday object (in the case of this issue: toilet paper) as a point of departure from which a contributors are invited to create an image. The responses range from the beautifully mundane, to the erotic, to the grotesque, and — most often — to the absurd. And with a bag of air attached to the cover, it seems the idea is for readers to come up with their own less-than-ordinary responses.

On the Journal:

With single-use products rapidly going out of fashion, Ordinary is – whether intentionally or not – documenting their proliferation and demise. The Straw, the subject of issue seven, was published just before a wave of plastic-straw-rejection gripped the West. In 2020, plastic straws will actually be banned in England, along with plastic cotton buds – the extra-ordinary item featured in the now sold-out issue three.

As these previously common objects have been increasingly politicised, their actual worth is regularly debated in the public sphere. After years of protest, the EU recently removed the controversial ‘tampon tax’ that deemed the product a ‘luxury item’ in the UK, rather than a necessity. Though with the rise of the more sustainable mooncup, one wonders how long the tampon has left. The perfect subject then, for this issue of Ordinary. Read more of Olivia's review here.