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Ordinary #6

Ordinary #6


210 x 297 mm. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

All pictures, no words… this conceptual photography magazine takes an everyday object (in the case of this issue: some air) as a point of departure from which a contributors are invited to create an image. The responses range from the beautifully mundane, to the erotic, to the grotesque, and — most often — to the absurd. And with a bag of air attached to the cover, it seems the idea is for readers to come up with their own less-than-ordinary responses.

On the Journal:
‘For previous issues they sent out plastic cutlery, cotton buds, a washing up sponge and socks to their contributors. Now it’s the turn of the black rubbish bag, and the response from the artists has been such that this is a double issue, bound together with a rubber band. As ever, the object, the plastic bag, is attached to the front cover; and if this object itself is less visually interesting than previous ones the images inside are among the best, as the examples above demonstrate.’ Read more of our review of the issue.