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Nang #2

Nang #2


172 x 240 mm, 120 pages. Venice, Italy

A 10-issue magazine dedicated to cinema in Asia.

This issue themed Scars and Death.

Publisher & Editor-in-chief: Davide Cazzaro 

On the Journal:
Nang has already outlined its ten-issue lifespan, like a film series. This second issue explores ‘death of cinema’, through mortality and scars with guest editors John Torres and Yoo Un-Seong. It is black, white and blood red with open, coptic binding. They write how they strived to steer towards the ‘deep, poetic openness around cinema.’’ From Coverage: May 2017.

This issue also appears in regular feature Page 23: ‘The first thing to note about this page is its form, which manifests its subject; blocked-out words, crossed-out lines, and paragraphs that slide back and forth across the page to symbolize trauma. The abject is embodied by the loud absence of words and phrases, that we are in turn drawn to.’