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Marfamily #06 (Marfa Journal)

Marfamily #06 (Marfa Journal)


235 x 278 mm, 336 pages, hardback. London, UK

'Issue #6 and it feels so good. After a long wait and a brief domestic disaster, MARFAMILY is back. Delayed due to a certain global event, perhaps you’ve heard of it? In print form alone, we reunite with our MARFRIENDS on a cover-to-cover storyline. Along the way, we meet Willem Dafoe, Sian Clifford, Mati Diop, Arizona Muse and many other delightful characters.'

Covers by MARFRIENDS, old and new, include Theo Wenner, Esther Theaker, Rachel Chandler, Alexandra Gordienko, Pascal Gambarte and Angela Hill.