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magCulture Boxset subscription

magCulture Boxset subscription


The magCulture Boxset is our quarterly subscription service.

Subscribers receive a box of five magazines every three months, a unique set selected to reflect the exciting independent magazine scene. We’re aiming it at businesses we believe will benefit from having easy access to the impressive world of independent magazines, but individuals are welcome to subscribe too.

NB: Please do not add additional items to your cart when subscribing to the boxset. If you wish to purchase more magazines, please place a separate order.

The tenth magCulture Boxset shipped at the beginning of July 2019, and included:

a Dance Mag #2
Circular #20
It’s Freezing in LA #3
Littel White Lies #80
Migrant Journal #6

You can find complete details about the service here.

Shipping is free to the UK and subsidised for Europe and North America – the prices listed include shipping.