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magCulture Boxset subscription

magCulture Boxset subscription


The magCulture Boxset is a new subscription service from the magCulture Shop.

Subscribers receive a box of five magazines every three months, a unique set of new issues selected to reflect the exciting independent magazine scene. We’re aiming it at businesses we believe will benefit from having easy access to the impressive world of independent magazines, but individuals are welcome to subscribe too.

The first magCulture Boxset will be dispatched at the beginning of April, featuring these magazines:

The Gentlewomen #15
Delayed Gratification #25
MacGuffin #4
Migrant Journal #1
Racquet #2

Shipping is free to the UK and subsidised for Europe and the United States – the prices listed include shipping. We'll be adding more countries soon.

There’s further background information about this on the magCulture Journal.