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Mag Men: Fifty Years of Making Magazines

Mag Men: Fifty Years of Making Magazines


by Walter Bernard and Milton Glaser 225 x 285mm, 288 pages

An overview of 50 years of magazine work by two of the leading editorial designers of our era.

From the Journal:
What do you hope the reader takes away from the book?

WB & MG:  The book chronicles our experience working with the many talented people whose collaboration make magazines happen: over 75 artists, writers, photographers and editors who worked with us over the years. The work shown in this volume includes selections from our nine years at New York magazine, five years working separately and 20 years working together as ‘magazine doctors’ at WBMG.

We have tried to include successes and failures, hits and misses. Along with an emphasis on graphics we recount stories and observations of our many colleagues who contributed to all of the material in this book. Magazines are not created in a vacuum. External forces affect editors, writers and readers in their daily lives.