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Lyrics as Poetry #02

Lyrics as Poetry #02


215 x 140 mm, 104 pages. Los Angeles, United States

Lyrics as Poetry 'spotlights the work of singer-songwriters, where lyrics can be appreciated on their own aesthetic merit along with personal notes from artists and journalists.' Issue two is themed Time and features 37 songwriters and 20 writers, along with original illustrations.

Editor/Publisher: Sara Noelle
Design/Art: Justin Page

On the Journal:

'Taking seriously the notion that lyrics convey the emotions present in the music, it’s delightful to read them in such a paired-down form. Stretching across genres, and with lyrics ranging from the understated to the ever-so-slightly cringe, there were plenty of songs in there that I wasn’t familiar with, and which I could just read, as poetry. Issue two is themed ‘time’ – whether its looking back, forward, or simply being in the present – and I can’t imagine a magazine like this working without a theme to bring all these ideas and emotions together.'