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Ladybeard #3

Ladybeard #3


200 x 275 mm, 164 pages. London, UK

Choice of two covers, Mouth and Butt.

On the Journal:

'The third issue of Ladybeard is published this week. The covers of the first two issues were consciously beautiful: Sex featured an artfully styled lifesize photograph of a dildo, and Mind was represented by a psychedelic illustration from Rose Pilkington. The new issue tackles Beauty, and its pair of front covers challenge our concept of beauty by being resolutely un-beautiful by any traditional measure.

Each cover option features a full-bleed wraparound image by photographer Anton Gottlob; one an unretouched close-up of an older women’s mouth, a rare sight in magazine-land, the other a similarly tight crop of an arsehole, even rarer! Each is disturbing in its own way, and together they represent a significant change of tone for Ladybeard that is emphasised by design changes.'

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