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Good Trouble #22

Good Trouble #22


420 x 290 mm folded, 420 x 580 mm unfolded, 16 pages + supplement. New York City, United States

Tagline: Celebrating the culture of resistance

A choice of four covers; pictured here is Ravi Ragbir, a high-profile immigration rights activist and the executive director of the New Sanctuary Coalition who is currently fighting his deportation. His cover quote reads: “The problem is that when we speak about ourselves, we are victims. When we start talking about others, we start to become leaders. We start to make change. We cannot allow this system to continue the way it is... We need to dismantle and abolish ICE.”


On the Journal: 
‘Sometimes everything gets a little sensible in magazine-land. Familiar typefaces and layouts present well-considered editorial concepts; advice is listened to, an audience envisaged. All of which is fine, and as I said, sensible, but… what about that basic urge to MAKE?

Our latest Magazine of the Week is Good Trouble reminds us of that urge. Created by Rod Stanley (ex-Dazed) and Richard Turley (ex-Bloomberg Businessweek) it is a satisfyingly daft project.’ Read more of our Magazine of the week review of the previous issue.