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Filmme Fatales #8

Filmme Fatales #8


147 x 210 mm, 132 pages, risograph cover. Melbourne, Australia

An issue of Filmme Fatales is always a beautiful thing to hold and behold: the risographed cover, a considered use of colour throughout, and a bounty of illustration all contribute. Just as other film favourite Little Joe describes itself as being ‘about queers and cinema, mostly’, the strapline here could describe a magazine about women and cinema. It's a vast but relatively under-represented topic in magazines and Filmme Fatales gives it voice with admirable bravado. 

This issue is all about The Future.

On the Journal:
‘When Brodie Lancaster launched Filmme Fatales in 2013, there was a universal sign of relief amongst female film fanatics – finally, a magazine that passes the Bechdel test. The title set out to explore how film and feminism intersect, cleverly combining the girlish teen spirit championed by Rookie Magazine with a theoretical outlook spearheaded by Laura Mulvey.

New Filmme Fatales number eight, poignantly themed ‘The Future’, is Brodie’s farewell (for now) issue. We caught up with the Melbourne based editor and writer to find out which magazines inspire her and have been important to the development of her beloved film zine.’ Read more of the Issues feature to find out what Brodie picked for her New Issue, Old Issue and One Other Thing.