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Even #2

Even #2


165 x 230 mm 178 pages. New York, US

Issue one may have felt like a hard act to follow, but the challenge has been met. With this issue Even looks set to establish itself as a hardy perennial in criticism field, abetted by a smart, angular design that makes the journal's subtle graphic twists on the conventions of the genre all the more surprising. 

Inside: an article on Abu Dhabi's Louvre and Guggenheim that asks difficult questions; a look at the Athens art world that asks, "how do you find your footing in a city with no more room for fantasies?"; an insightful take on Asif Kapadia's Amy Winehouse documentary; and interviews with Elizabeth Diller on The Broad and MoMA, and artist Agnieszka Kurant on artificial intelligence, offshore banking and termite mounds. Plus, Black Mountain College, Collier Schorr, William Kentridge and reviews, reviews, reviews.

On the Journal:
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