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Clove #1, Spring & Summer 2018

Clove #1, Spring & Summer 2018


210 x 275 mm, 108 pages. London, UK

Tagline: Magazine of South Asian culture

On the Journal:
‘…the intention has always been to be international. I’ve been conscious throughout about the problematic questions that arise around publishing Clove from London, but I believe there is a place for us, alongside all the publications within the region, as I feel we’re doing something quite different.

First, we take a global view of South Asian culture – the people of the Subcontinent are scattered across the world in their tens of millions, and continuously travelling back and forth, which makes us unique. Second, London is one of the few places where the people and cultures of the region mingle. A lot of contributors to issue one are based in South Asia, and I eventually hope we will have editors dotted across the region as well.’ Read more of our At Work With interview with editor Debika Ray.