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Buffalo Zine #5

Buffalo Zine #5


285 x 410 mm, 260 pages. London, UK

This publication changes shape and format each issue, making it an extraordinary celebration of print. Previously a tabloid newspaper, a glossy zine, a hardback fairytale book, and a kitschy catalogue, this issue plays tribute to zine aesthetics, albeit on a super-large format. On the cover: a picture of Pamela Anderson in East London.

On the Journal:
‘The arrival of a new issue of Buffalo Zine is always an exciting moment, promising some exhilarating magazine-making, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Unlike previous editions, it doesn’t parody another type of publication but instead is a messy, zine-y object based on the Hackney street where their office is based. ‘Sometimes you need to go local to find the universal,’ say the editors.’ Read more words, see more pictures…