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Buffalo Zine #11


240 x 340 mm, 616 pages. London, UK

The biggest, heaviest issue to date of the shapeshifting magazine, with an impressive 12 cover options.

Inspired by an old friend of editor-in-chief Adrian Gonzalez-Cohen, the Earth issue is all about self-sufficiency, with pages and pages of fashion from the likes of Charlotte Roberts, Bruno Staub and Sarah Starkey plus interviews with Tame Impala, Robyn and Spiral Theory Food Kitchen.

On the Journal:
‘In the post-internet era, it’s nice to find a magazine that effortlessly slinks between digital and physical without inevitably resorting to publishing a written analysis of the relationship between the two. Buffalo Zine’s creators simply acknowledge this novelty, and have fun with the visual consequences. As ever, their fingers are firmly on the pulse: this is a truly inventive piece of conceptual magazine-making that is also pacjed with great fashion and writing.’ READ MORE