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Benji Knewman #8

Benji Knewman #8


140 x 200 mm, 292 pages. Riga, Latvia (Latvian and English-language)

This issue: Art is hard


New format: Multiple separate books banded together in one cover.

On the Journal:
‘The new issue of Benji Knewman sticks to the satisfying, smaller format of the last two, but moves away from the single bound volume to become a series of ten booklets wrapped in a folder and enclosed with rubber bands.

In other respects the magazine remains the same, a discursive ramble around various subjects that are as much about tone and mood as actual hard-hitting stories. Enigmatic founder/editor Agnese Kleina personifies this tone, using her alter-ego Benji Knewman — an imaginary 41 year-old man who has lately discovered the Latvian capital Riga and his family background there — to add an aura of mystery and curiosity to the project.’ Continue reading the review…