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Benji Knewman #7

Benji Knewman #7


140 x 200 mm, 292 pages. Riga, Latvia (Latvian and English-language)

On the Journal:
From the archive: ‘…the latest issue of Benji Knewman has shrunk its pages to a surprisingly satisfying bookish format. The theme remains the same: Benji is an imaginary character looking at his ancestral home of Latvia from the perspective of an outsider.

For founder Agnese Kleina, the new size initially came from a need to reduce costs, but also from a desire to reflect the history of Latvian publishing…’

Read more about the practicalities of producing the issue and the inspiration behind it.

Also, read our At work with interview with editor Agnese Kleina, and listen to audio from Meet… Benji Knewman, recorded at the magCulture shop in 2015.