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Benji Knewman #5

Benji Knewman #5


173 x 240 mm, 212 pages. Riga, Latvia (Latvian and English-language)

On the Journal:
‘Issue by issue Benji is dropping its original identity as the record of an imaginary character’s journey from Latvia. That doesn’t mean it’s lost its curious mix of the personal and general, and the new issue typifies that mix. There on the cover is interview subject Christoph Amend of ZEITmagazin, while the bilingual texts inside cover everything from sadness to a tour of Riga’s Guild Hall. I don’t always understand its twists and turns, but by linking east and west Benji is doing something nobody else is doing.’ From Coverage: October 2016.

Also, read our At work with interview with editor Agnese Kleina, and listen to audio from Meet… Benji Knewman, recorded at the magCulture shop in 2015.