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BBY #2

BBY #2


210 x 296 mm, 72 pages. Gothenburg, Sweden (English-language)

On the Journal:
‘Great things often happen when illustrators start independent magazines, as we’ve seen with Dan Stafford’s fantastically eccentric, highly stylized Amuseum. Sweden’s much-loved Sara Andreasson has also been making magazines alongside her vibrant editorial work: in 2014 she teamed up with close friend and curator Josefine Hardstedt to start BBY, and this month marks the long-awaited release of issue two.

This second edition has been named ‘The Homestyling Issue’, and it explores an interior design theme through contributions from creatives that identify as female/ queer.’ Read more of Madeleine's review.

Sara is also the subject of Issues, where she discusses an old magazine, a new one, and a detail from a favourite.