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Avaunt #5, Spring/Summer 2017

Avaunt #5, Spring/Summer 2017


230 x 290mm, 224 pages, London, UK

Tagline: Exploring the frontiers of Human Endeavour

In this issue:

  • Adventures in Poetry by Helen Mort
  • Battlefield Medic Kit
  • The Answer to Political Upheaval: Space Stamps
  • Finding beauty in a post-industrial landscape
  • Painting under water
  • Echo chambers and the future of society
  • The rocket people of Nevada
  • Frankenstein in Space
  • The great climber: Stevie Haston
  • Bolivia's sealess navy

Editor-in-Chief: Dan Crowe
Editor: Ben Saunders
Designed Director: Matt Willey
Art Director: Alex Hunting.