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Arcades #2

Arcades #2


210 x 260 mm, 296 pages. London, UK

The lifestyle, culture and aesthetics of the suburbs.

In this issue: The suburbs of London

On the Journal:
‘While city centres generally claim all the attention and headlines, it’s the suburbs – the unspectacular areas that surround our cities – that quietly host the real stories. That’s the thinking behind new magazine Arcades, a bookish 296-page volume from French photographer Wendy Huynh.

Each issue documents the suburbs of a different city; Wendy started with her home city, Paris, wanting to present an alternative representation to the clichéd rough-and-tough image the banlieues suffer from.

The new second issue looks at London’s suburbs, a vast world of different races, religions and lives. Like a vast issue of LAW, but less styled and knowing, Arcades reflects a real life of amateur football, postmans’ trolleys, local shops, community radio and young people in search of themselves.’ More from our Magazine of the Week review.

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