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Anxy #1

Anxy #1


190 x 240 mm, 148 pages. Oakland, United States

This, the inaugural issue, is themed Anger.

Founder & Creative Director: Indhira Rojas
Editor-in-chief: Jennifer Maerz 

On the Journal:
‘…I’ve been looking forward to seeing the magazine ever since they hit their Kickstarter target. Promising a ‘bi-annual publication exploring mental health through an artful and creative lens,’ I was eager to see how it could apply an alternative angle to such a sensitive topic. Mental health has quietly become a significant topic in indie mags recently, from Manchester’s Nous zine to other recent launch Torchlight, while titles such as Doll Hospital, Polyester and Ladybeard have focused on the female experience of mental illness.’ From our Magazine of the Week review.