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Alla Carta #17, Pinocchio


225 x 310 mm, 225 pages

Milan, Italy (English language)

Editor: Yara De Nicola

Art direction: Tommaso Garner / Daniel Sansavini

The 17th issue, straight from the horse's mouth: 'Once upon a time, there was Pinocchio. A seed, a pine nut, a piece of wood. I say ‘was’ because Pinocchio the puppet is no more. Pinocchio became a boy. The protagonist of Carlo Collodi's 1881 novel is nothing more than an immature being who undergoes a process of self-transformation through a series of adventures. In this issue of Alla Carta we too, puppets of the self just like him, wanted to undergo, explore and analyse the possibilities for individuals to develop self-awareness over the course of their lives.