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The New Yorker, May 18

The New Yorker, May 18


198 x 272 mm, 78 pages. New York, USA

    The New Yorker brings you current affairs, fiction, long-form journalism, reviews, humour, and goings on about town every week.

    The annual Innovators Issue asks, Can we solve the ventilator crisis? What does the mutual aid movement stand for? How does the webcam redefine concert performances?

    The cover art, ‘Class of 2020’ is by Anita Kunz.

    On the Journal:
    Monday morning, I caught the 3 train to Chambers Street. Whenever I ride the subway, I look around to see how many people are reading The New Yorker. I spotted two, while another had The New Yorker tote bag.’ READ MORE

    Editor-in-chief: David Remnick