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David King: Designer, Activist, Visual Historian

David King: Designer, Activist, Visual Historian


By Rick Poyner, 290mm x 210mm, 240 pages

A book exploring the work of exemplary visual creator David King.

From the Journal: 'Many of my generation of designers have waited so long for a book about King, it was with some anxiety that I clicked open the document. Would it match expectations? I needn’t have worried...'

'Author Rick Poynor neatly ties together Kings journey from designer to activist to archivist while sharing plenty of his work. It’s a unique and remarkable story, and its physical appearance in terms of design and production is the perfect homage to King.

'I first became aware of King as a student, via his Rock Against Racism and Anti Nazi League campaign posters (above). These coalesce in my memory with the record sleeves and magazines of the late seventies/early eighties as key reference points. A little later a new magazine was added to those references, London listings weekly City Limits, and the link to RAR and ANL was manifest in its typography, especially its brilliant front covers...' READ MORE